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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Where we've Been

After my grandfather came home from back packing across Europe, a trip that started in a place called Normandy and wound up in Berlin.  He couldn't find a good job.  So he borrowed some money and bought an old wore out country store & gas station which he worked 15 or more hour a day, 7 days a week.  At Christmas time he would order some extra toys for the store.  After Christmas 1953 there was a pair of skis hanging on the wall, my father who was 10 at the time asked if he could have them.  Of course the answer was yes.  They were my father's first pair of skis, complete with bear trap bindings.

Fast forward to the mid 1960's and dad was working as an apprentice in Rochester, NY as a tool & die maker.  This is where he became friends with Franz, Hantz, and Dieter and became truly passionate about skiing.  Together they spent countless hours skiing Bristol Mountain, and this is where dad became an expert skier.

An Idea is Born

In August of 1969 my grandfather passed away from heart complications and dad decided to come home and help his mother.  This when he first wanted to start a ski shop but there were only two cars in town with ski racks on them and one of them was his.  By 1975 the baby boomers had started to ski and he started Ski Valley. 

My Story

By 1983 at the age of 2, dad had me on the slopes teaching me to ski.  Most Sunday's during the winter months as child were spend at Elk Mountain.  Every year dad took me out of school to go to the annual North East dealer ski demo at Stratton, VT where you ski all of next years skis.  Sometime around the age of 3 or 4 we were at Stratton, I was skiing down and happen to fall.  That is when 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Phil Mahre skied over and offered his hand to help me up, I am told I gave him a look and continued on without his assistance (I guess my parents taught me stranger danger).

By 13 or 14 I was mounting bindings, tuning skis and in love with skiing.  By 2003 at the age of 22 I moved over 2000 miles across the country to Las Vegas, NM with my best friend and spent two winters skiing Red River, Sipapu and Angle Fire in the Sangre De Cristo mountains.  Most of my available time in the winter was spent at Angle Fire where I poached a friends season pass (which I don't condone).  In the winter of 2004/2005 I actually had the opportunity to ski bum Jackson Hole, WY.  My father tells people I didn't go because of girl, but the truth is I was dead broke and only few month from coming back east.

In May 2005 I moved back home to find out dad was closing the shop, I was heart broken.  This would mean I would actually have to pay for new skis.

A few short years later in early 2009 I decided to reopen the shop in the same building where he originally started in 1975.

The New Ski Valley

Since 2009 we have been operating out of the original location where dad started the ski shop 1975.  The past few years we have discussed a possible re-location to Danville but we never found the right location.  That is until now, in September 2016 Ski Valley opens it's doors for the first at 524 Mill Street in Danville, PA.  Adding mountain bikes and skateboards as well expanding the ski and snowboard selection  We are excited about the move and look forward to expanding our relationships.