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Off Season Ski & Snowboard Storage

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Maintenance of your skis and boards is often overlooked unitl the edges on your planks look like the rusted out fenders on my first car....  First step to keeping your boards in top condition is storing them in a cool dry area of your house, personally I keep my skis under the bed in my guest bedroom during the off season.  People commonly keep there equipment in the basement or in the garage, during the summer months these areas are very humid and cause the steel edges to rust.  I'm not saying by keeping them under the bed or in the back of closet you will be rust free but you will be in much better shape to start the next season then you would be by storing your gear in the garage or basement.

Another thing to consider before storing your equipment for the off season is to have your skis and boards tuned prior to putting them away.  By doing this we can coat the edges in wax to help protect them during the humid months, when you get them out the next fall just bring them back in and we will re-heat the wax, scrap it off an you are ready for winter!!