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Ski Valley Bike Demo Program

Buying a new bike can be nerve racking.  Many online and magazine reviews sound the same after awhile.  They are also meaningless unless you know the review is a similar size to you, has a similar riding style or is reviewing on similar trails.  There are many bikes out there and they all have their merits, especially when reviewing on paper.  How can you be sure your making the right choice?

The Ski Valley Demo Program is designed to help you choose the perfect bike for your personal style.  The doesn't mean 15 minutes around town, we want to give you the opportunity to ride in your element to see how these bikes really feel and perform.

How it works...

  • Aluminum & Steel Demo Bikes are $75/day
  • Carbon Demo Bikes are $125/day

All Demo fees are applied towards your future same category bike purchase within 30 days of your demo.