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Bikes for sale, Danville, PA
Mouintain Bike

Why Rent from Ski Valley?

  • Children grow so fast, you never know if their equipment will fit from season to season.
  • Just starting out?  Going with the school ski club?  Spend more time on the mountain enjoying your self rather than standing in line waiting for your rentals.
  • We rotate new equipment into our fleet every year, you will never rent old worn out equipment when you rent from Ski Valley.
  • Whether you are renting or buying we will spend the necessary time with you to get the right fit so can enjoy your experience.  When you rent at the mountain your boots can worn, and are often too big.

Seasonal Lease Program


  • Jr. Ski Rental Package Up to 130cm - $169.00 (Skis, Bindings, Boots)
  • Jr. Ski Rental Package 140cm - 150cm - $199.00 (Skis, Bindings, Boots, Poles)
  • Jr. Ski Boot Only (1 or 2 Buckle) - $59.00
  • Jr. Ski Boot Only (3 or 4 Buckle) - $79.00
  • Jr. Ski Only up to 130cm  - $129.00
  • Jr. Ski Only 140cm - 150cm - $149.00

  • Adult Ski Rental Package - $279.00 (Skis, Bindings, Boots, Poles)
  • Adult Ski Boot Only - $99.00
  • Adult Ski Only - $199.00


  • Jr. Snowboard Rental Package - $169.00 (Snowboard, Bindings, Boots)
  • Jr. Snowboard Boot Only - $79.00
  • Jr Snowboard Only - $99.00

  • Adult Snowboard Rental Package - $239.00 (Snowboard, Bindings, Boots)
  • Adult Snowboard Boot Only - $89.00
  • Adult Snowboard Only - $179.00