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Mouintain Bike

Bike Service & Repairs

We service all makes and models.  Tune ups and repairs are available by the areas best technicians.  Stop in or call to find out more.



  • Tire or Tube Replacement - $5.95/ea
  • Hub Cone Adjustment - $7.95
  • Hub Overhaul - $19.95
  • True Wheel - $12.95/ea
  • Replace Broken Spokes and True Wheel (Does Not Include Spokes) - $19.95
  • Glue Tubular Tire - $39.95/ea
  • Wheel Build (Does Not Include Spokes) - 39.95/ea

Drive Train

  • Removal & Cleaning - $29.95
  • Install Crank - $14.95
  • Install Chain Ring - $14.95
  • Repair/Replace Chain - $7.95


  • Adjustments - $7.95/ea
  • Install Brake Pads - $7.95/pr
  • Install Brake Cable - $7.95/ea
  • Adjust/Bleed Hydraulic - $14.95


  • Adjust (Per Der.) - $5.95
  • Install Derailleur - $9.95
  • Install Shifter (Pair) - $19.95
  • Install Cable (Per Shifter) - $7.95
  • Replace Hanger - $9.95


  • Adjust - $5.95
  • Install (On Bare Frame) - $9.95
  • Replace - $24.95
  • Overhaul - $14.95

Bottom Brackets

  • Adjust - $5.95
  • Install (Bare Frame) - $7.95
  • Overhaul (Clean and Repack) - $19.95

Bars and Stems

  • Install - $14.95
  • Install Grips - $5.95
  • Wrap Drop Bars - $19.95


  • Install - $24.95
  • Oil & Seal Change - $74.95

Custom Bike Build

  • From Frame Only - $149.95

Custom Fork Service

Mountain bike suspension forks need routine service to continue performing at their best. Quality fork components use oil to both control the wheel as it encounters bumps (damping) and to lubricate internal parts as they slide against each other. The seals on these components do a good job of keeping the oil in and the dirt and water out, but inevitably as the seals wear over time, some contaminants will make it past the seals and into the oil. Riding with dirty oil can make the suspension feel harsh and limit the amount of travel, or worse, it can cause internal wear as the contaminants in the oil continually scrape against the insides of the fork component. Internal wear can cause play in the fork (a feeling similar to a loose headset) and air or oil leaks.

To combat this, most manufacturers recommend servicing forks annually, or after every 100 hours of riding time. Ski Valley offers routine servicing as recommended by the manufactures as well as custom tuning to match your riding style and needs.

Fork Shock Maintenance and Overhaul

We provide the following mountain bike suspension maintenance services:

  • Clean and inspect external and internal parts
  • Replace seals and wipers as necessary
  • Replace o-rings, glide rings, damper rods, damper cartridges, etc. as needed
  • Replace bushings as necessary
  • Refill with fresh oil
  • Set air spring or install coil spring according to your body weight and riding style