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Non-Adjustable Ski Poles

$64.95 - $69.95
Great looks and "Bliss"ful feel make this an outstanding value and performer!
The DETECT S is NEW to the LEKI family and an instant crowd pleaser. A super sturdy, lightweight pole made of high-strength aluminum. Perfect for sunbaked park laps and sidecountry stashes. Featuring the Trigger S ProG Grip and Frame Strap for precise control and feel. The slim grip with a soft rubber texture gives you comfort and confidence without bulk. With two interchangeable baskets allowing you to explore the mountain in a variety of conditions.
14mm Alu shaft makes this women's pole a great performer with great looks. Add to it a Thermofoam compact grip with traditional strap to round out this elegant performer.
The NEOLITE CARBON is the ultimate choice for those seeking big things from a small package. The NEOLITE CARBON features a low-profile ProG PAS grip. This innovative grip offers a tacky surface, ensuring secure and firm contact between the hand and the pole. The strap is easily adjustable to cater to individual preferences, providing a comfortable and personalized fit. The NEOLITE CARBON boasts a 12 mm carbon fiber shaft, resulting in a featherweight pole (just 8 ounces) that remains stiff and responsive. Experience the ultimate blend of lightweight construction and excellent performance with the NEOLITE ski pole.
Experience the quality and performance of the latest version of the QNTM ski pole. The QNTM pole has gained a devoted following for its classic design and dependability, making it a top choice for recreational skiers. The QNTM ski pole includes the time-tested EVOCON PAS Soft grip, providing a comfortable and secure hold for optimal control during your ski adventures. The QNTM ski pole is designed to provide many years of performance at an attractive price.
LEKI's RIDER junior ski pole is ideal for your child's first set of ski poles. These alpine ski poles come in great color options that appeal to young skiers while prioritizing durability and affordability. The RIDER junior ski poles are built to withstand the rigors of skiing, ensuring they can handle the demands of beginners and young chargers alike. With their reasonable price point, these ski poles are easy on the wallet, making them a practical choice for parents trying to make gear dollars last.
The SENTINEL is an exceptional alpine loop pole. Thanks to the PAS grip, the SENTINEL guarantees a particularly tight grip between hand and pole. The loop can be infinitely adjusted to the desired length.
The STELLA S is a smart sophisticated pole designed for the ski bum in all of us. A perfectly balanced aluminum shaft topped with our lightweight Thermo-Foam Trigger S grip. The Stella was engineered specifically for performance skiers looking for a pole that will go anywhere and everywhere. A perfect blend of function and reliability.
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